Portable Outdoor Furniture for Versatility and Flexibility


Shopping for outdoor furniture can be one of the most exciting and challenging ventures of the spring season. Patio furniture should define your style, be infinitely comfortable, easily transition from family night to party night and endure outdoor weather conditions with minimal maintenance. It’s not easy to find perfect pieces to fit the bill. But, one patio furniture solution is practically no-fail. The gift of portability makes your outdoor living space able to change gears at the drop of a hat. Here are the top three picks for portable outdoor furniture this year.

Foldable Patio Chairs: Patio chairs from quaint cedar outdoor chairs to full polywood Adirondack chairs are now appearing in foldable models. These are not cheap, flimsy chairs either. These are gorgeous and stylish outdoor seating options crafted from high quality woods and synthetic materials. Folding patio chairs makes storing them over the winter a breeze. In season, you can clear the playing field for a game of bocce ball with friends or a family soccer match without a second thought. Fold them up and lean them against the fence for an easy solution. Some of the lighter weight foldable patio chairs can even be easily transported to a friend’s house. Many homeowners ask friends and families if they can spare seating, or even bring some along, to ensure their party guests have enough places to sit. You’ll be the backyard bash hero when you unload your beautiful, functional foldable patio chairs. Those canvas camp chairs won’t stand a chance 스포츠중계.

Steamer Chairs on Wheels: Whether you call it a sun bed, a steamer chair, a chaise lounge or just your favorite spot… reclining patio chairs are a poolside stable. Soak in the sun in complete ease, right in your own backyard. Once reserved for luxury resorts, the sun bed is making a comeback to be completely at home on your porch or patio. These expanded chairs can be a bit unwieldy to move. Adding wheels means pulling your sun bed to be closer to your best friend is easier than ever, and moving it away from your daughter and her chatty-Cathy best friend even easier!

Buffet and Beverage Carts: Making entertaining easy again with buffets and beverage carts on wheels. Store bottles of wine, ice, soda pop and even water on a cart that can be wheeled around. Set it by the dining table during meal time, pull it over to the living space for dessert and drinks. Need to fill up? Pull over to your kitchen to get refills on ice and beverages. Ah, outdoor entertaining. Easy.

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